3D Tour © Jon J Hirst 2005

NOTES : The main chamber and antechamber of this tomb are now complete, thanks to B. Claus. This still leaves the upper mortuary chapel (currently closed to the public), located at the rear of the courtyard.
I have not been able to represent, to the full extent, the unevenness of the ceilings.
This tour will provide a unique experience, allowing you to navigate your way around the rooms and the corridors, as in a video game.
Microsoft Windows users
•  You need the small Cortona 3D plug-in for your browser, downloadable for free on ParallelGraphics. The procedure of installation is automatic. The software is intuitive after some trial runs, but we wrote a short Cortona Guide to help you.
•  Then you can start the 3D tour by CLICKING HERE
Mac users
•  You need a separate piece of software, InstantPlayer. Everything is explained in this InstantPlayer Guide.
•  To begin the tour, copy and paste this link : in InstantPlayer as explained in the guide.

Many thanks to Uwe Huedepohl for his help

The description of the tomb is to be found here:
The tomb of Sennefer