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  Tombs of the Craftsmen at Deir el-Medina (Luxor)
  Mastabas : the tombs of the Old Kingdom at Saqqara
  Mastabas : the tombs of the Old Kingdom at Giza
  Tombs of the New Kingdom at Saqqara
  Royal tombs at Tell el-Amarna
  Tombs of the nobles at Tell el-Amarna
  Tombs of Elkab
  Tombs of el-Bersheh
  Tombs of Aswan
  Tombs of the Oases
  Tombs of Mo'alla
  Tombs of Amada (Nubia)
  Tombs of el-Kurru (Sudan)
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The latest additions or major updates
The tomb of Amenhotep III
The mastaba of Queen Meresankh III at Guiza
The tomb Elkab N°5 of Ahmes-son-of-Abana
The tomb of Nakhtamon, TT 341
The tomb of Neferhotep (I) & Nebnefer, TT 6, at Deir el-Medineh
The tomb of Ankhtifi at Mo'alla
The exhibition "Senusret III, a legendary Pharaoh", Lille, France
The tomb of Rekhmire, TT 100
The anonymous tomb TT 175
The tomb of Amenhotep-Huy, TT 40
The tomb of Ahmes (Ahmose) at Tell el-Amarna, TA 03
The tombs of the nobles at Tell el-Amarna
The tomb of Amenemopet, TT 41
The mastaba of Qar (Meryrenefer) at Giza