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OsirisNet is the site on which you are! This site is dedicated to the Tombs and Mastabas of ancient Egypt, with numerous photos. The news of Egyptology is also regularly updated. Gateway to Ancient Egypt by Diane J Day deals with Ancient Egyptian history, including the various dynasties and their pharaohs. The religious and funerary beliefs, the gods, temples and tombs.
has one of the most complete collection of links devoted to sites dealing with Ancient Egypt, and it is regularly updated. Francesca Jourdan's site, The bibliography of Ancient Egypt , is a must for the bibliography (and it's in English). Francesca thoroughly analyses hundreds of books and provides pertinent summaries.
Sylvie Griffon's site: L'Égypte Ancienne de Sothis. Well designed, the site has many articles on Pharaohs. Don't miss those on Ramses II. Gérard Homann's site is devoted only to Egyptian monuments, especially to Karnak: reconstructions, plans, wonderful 3D pictures. Nowhere else on earth will you find such an in-depht view of Karnak.
The site of Laurence Renard presents a mixture of bewitching poetic and scientific aspects, which gives it an indefinable charm.
Furthermore, it contains many original animations.
The site of Pietro Testa approaches various aspects of the Ancient Egypt, notably in architecture. Studies on the pyramids are passionate.
The site of Raymond Monfort is dedicated, on the one hand, to everything that you ever wanted to know on Sethy I; on the one hand, it includes a collection of fonts and hieroglyphic signs. This beautiful and interesting site is entierely devoted to the island of Philae, and to the Godess Isis.
The site of Caroline Seawright contains a section dedicated to Ancient Egypt, with particularly well documented articles on the Egyptian divinities. Jenna Henderson's site is devoted to princess (then queen) Ankhsenamun, and to other characters of the Amarna period.
The site of Guy Launay is dedicated to a survey on the 3D cartography of the Theban mountain, which will allow, in the long term, the very precise reconstruction of the sites. The site includes oil paintings of the gods of Ancient Egypt, papyrus paintings of the walls of Sennefer’s tomb, and a guide to writing hieroglyphs. There are also hieroglyphic texts and translations, including the Story of Sinuhe, and the texts written on the walls of Sennefer’s "tomb of the vines."
A site under construction, and promising, on the temple in the ancient Egypt. Its description, Its working... by a young enthusiast. The site seeks to be educational and well illustrated. The site of the "Mission Française des Fouilles de Tanis".
The site of C. Orsi is a reference in the French-speaking world. Its lexicographic index is simply remarkable. The site of André Dollinger treats many aspects of ancient Egyptian life : food, health, politics, art, ...
Papyri is an enterprise created in 1999 which provides courses on civilization and ancient Egypt as an organisation of formation and also features the faithful reproduction of papyri of Egyptian texts. A German site which presents, among other items, an in-depht story of Sennefer's tomb and the history of its reconstruction.
The site of Chris Bennett offers a detailed survey of the genealogy of Egyptian dynasties and related royal families. The site of the egyptologist John Legon essentially focuses on the pyramids.
"La web de Osiris" is a Spanish language site dedicated to the scientific study of Egyptology.
It's periodically updated.
"Egypte - où la civilisation est née" is a site in German which gives account of the conferences and the egyptological activity in Berlin.
The site of Corinne Dale, aka. Nefercoco - is entirely devolved in the Nubia. A complete and attractive site, a mixture of charm and serious writing. Pedro Mancebo's site is in the Spanish language. It features many interesting monographs on Ancient Egypt, and other items.
Alain Guilleux 's site invites us to a photographic journey in the monuments of Ancient Egypt. The Theban Royal Mummy Project of William Max Miller is a very complete site and documented well on all the mummies of the Valley of the Kings, the rituals of accompaniment, the sarcophaguses, etc...
Ghislaine's site is entirely devoted to the goddess Hathor La Tierra de los Faraones (Land of the Pharaohs) is a Spanish page mainly dedicated to egyptian mythology. You can read translations of the most representative funerary texts, information about temples, mythological legends, the complete pantheon, and much more.
This site of Sjef Willokx is centred on the cultural history of ancient Egypt. You will find some reconstructions there, notably in picture of monuments or methods of construction, a bibliographic guide ... The association "Les Amis de l'Égypte Ancienne" is a cultural Association situated in Saint-Estève in the eastern Pyrenees. Its focus is to help all discover this civilization. You will find to date more than 14000 photos of Egypt.
Our web pages document the past and the present of Deir el-Medina. The text is based on our own photographic material, that we, our colleagues and friends have shot during our visits to Egypt and to various museums. The web site outlines the historical development of the village, describes archaeological remains of the religious structures and some tombs and also covers the nearby Rock shrine and the stone huts on the col. The site is updated on a regular basis.
Site of the association for the Safeguard of the Ramesseum, its first goal is to help the scientists so that the temple of Millions of Years of Ramesses II not only recovers all its importance on on the architectural level and delivers, thanks to a systematic exploration, the key to its operation but also the sequences of its long history.
A dynamic, instructive, alive forum, at the heart of which proceedings, exchanges and meetings between members are numerous and where close to 700 in love with Egypt share information, knowledge, and creativity, invest and wish to progress together in the discovery of this civilisation and to learn in all conviviality.
Toutankharton is a generalist site on the Ancient Egypte. It is divided into four great parts: Pharaohs, gods, hieroglyphs and Egyptology, gathering together for each reference materials (a file to learn the basics of hieroglyphics, a list of more than 500 gods...). The site also has a very active forum. (The site is in French.)
The site of Nebetbastet is dedicated exclusively to the religion of the Ancient Egyptians. While visiting it, you will be able to learn something about the gods, about the symbols, the legends, but also about the concepts and the temples. Constance, who created it, is only 17 years old.
(The site is in French.)
On the Papyrus-Ostracas site follows the discovery of the writing and the Egyptian language: tradition of the scribes, presentation of the writing, categories of symbols, media library...
(The site is in French.)
A site which especially wishes to be a practical guide for those that want to visit Luxor. Descriptions of hotels, an introduction to trustworthy people, loves and hates, likes and dislikes, rip-offs, advice and tips, in brief, everyday Luxor. Association promoting the ancient Egyptian culture on Nancy and Metz (Lorraine): hieroglyphic Egyptian course, visits, conferences...
(The site is in French.)
The Khéper association has for its object the promotion of the knowledge of the ancient Egypt by the organisation of activities for a varied public: courses in Arlon, Braine-l'Alleud, Louvain-la-Neuve and in Charleroi; courses - projects in the primary schools, secondary and high schools; cultural journeys to Egypt; visits of exhibitions and European museums; etc...
(The site is in French.)
"Discover the Ancient Egypt! The Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, Zoser funerary Complex, High Resolution Photos and much more!"
Anciennegypte is a site dedicated to Egypt under several aspects from the year 0. Appendices on the ancient world except Egypt are also available.
(The site is in French.)
Numerus: This website attempts to provide new rational answers to the major questions regarding the three great pyramids (and regarding, as a whole, all the structures erected on the Giza plateau). (Downloadable documents).
This is the home of the Sussex Egyptology Society one of the most successful Egyptology groups in the UK. It is also a gateway to the whole of the Britain’s Egyptological scene being host to the BES directory, a listing of all the UK societies etc. It is also host .to the ‘Bloomsbury Summer School and Bloomsbury Academy’ website as well as Andie Byrne’s pages of Egyptology and archaeology news gleaned from all around the world which is updated and added to daily. Our president is Prof. Kent Weeks author of 'The Lost Tomb: KV5' and who is still working on that project. This site named "Absolute Egyptology" covers the Egyptian history from the oldest times up to dynasty 17. It has pictures, descriptions and historical remarks about EVERY pharaoh and most tombs. A total of 1 174 illustrations are present like a chapter dealing with 114 gods and goddesses, all in pictures and text, the most comprehensive of its kind on the Internet. I addition: a list of links to high quality Egypt web sites.
Akhet Egyptology is a site dedicated to the people and places of Ancient Egypt. It includes photos and ingo covering tombs, temples, mummy masks and all the other things that make Ancient Egypt so fascinating. There is a substantial section of the site devoted to the Amarna Period, and not forgetting the Clickable Mummy With over 10.000 photographs of Egyptian monuments and sites, including specialties, such as the Litany of Ra in the Abydos temple of Ramses II and a number of panoramas, offers a wealth of information, even for those who don’t read Dutch. For those who do, there is also a monthly Egyptological news summary, a monthly newsletter, travel-blogs, an extensive and well illustrated annual Egyptological news summary and a lot more.
The purpose of the web site "Middle Egyptian Grammar through Literature" is to give detailed grammatical analysis of documents written in Middle Egyptian. This project is an outgrowth of the introductory course of the author, Gabor Toth, taught at Rutgers University, Camden in the past 12 years. In the near future, in addition to pdf files, the hieroglyphic texts will also be downloadable in JSesh format.  A site by Julian Pardo : "Our sole purpose is to show ancient Egypt Pyramids, Pharaohs, Temples, Gods and Goddesses from the artistic point of view that already have lasted an “Eternity” and let’s hope it will last another more so that future generations will be able to appreciate what we can enjoy today".
Egyptian-Art-Museums presents to you its high resolution photographs, coming from various museums.  The Hellenic Institute of Egyptology was founded in 2011. Our scopes are the development of Egyptology in Hellas, the fund-raising for Research-Projects concerned with Egyptology, Archaeoastronomy, Egyptological Forensics, as well as the Egyptological Seminars teaching ancient Egyptian Grammar and the basics of Egyptology (History, Art & Archaeological Methods) to students and to the general public in Athens.
The site is in Spanish language but a lot of info is in English too. It contains more than 200 links to books and articles from other pages. You can read it and in some cases you can even download it. It's periodically updated. Djed Medu, Mattia Mancini's blog, is a site in Italian language where, every day, you can find news about archaeological discoveries, exhibitions, conferences, publications and, in general, the egyptology world. There are also reviews on the least italian egyptological collections.
Android applications (free) by Damien O’Neill. Most are in English, French and Spanish.
- Flash Cards for Hieroglyphs and their Transliterations
- English Dictionary of Egyptian Hieroglyphic Words
- Find a Pharaoh from a Cartouche
Hannah Pethen's website "Archaeology and Egyptology in the 21st century" and blog is devoted to archaeological and Egyptological matters. Hannah has completed her PhD in archaeology in 2015 and is currently Honorary Fellow at the University of Liverpool;