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The text of this tomb will be written subsequently. You will find information in the conference by Luc Limme, for the British Museum, downloadable in PDF format.

Tomb of Setau, First prophet of Nekhbet.

EK 4 - Dynasty XX

1 Stela, deceased and wife adore Re-Harakhti, above them is Khepri.
2 Boats (including barque of Nekhbet) before [king] with tests of jubilee of Ramesses III.
3 Son-in-law, vizier Ramessesnakht, offers to deceased, wife and relatives a banquet.
4 Deceased with family before offerings.
EK4 is nearest in view.

Entrance of the tomb Stele: the couple adoring Re-Harakhti, above them is Khepri

General view of the tomb, far (northern) wall and ceiling

South wall, to the right of the entry

West wall, almost completely destroyed

East Wall

Photographs by Christian Mariais, Raymond Betz,
English translation by Jon J Hirst
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