They are involved in Osirisnet

Peter Sullivan (Egyptologist, New Zealand) translates the site pages into English. He is the successor to , who was obliged to stop translating in 2014 for health reasons.
Georges Engel for translating and summarizing texts in German.
Raymond Betz, photographer, author and supervisor. Responsible for the "Groupe d'Etudes Egypte" (Lasne, Belgium)
Christian Mariais, photographer and author.
Michel Treillet, photographer and author.
Christiane Hachet, photographer.
Alain Guilleux, photographer ().
Christiane Dispot, photographer.
Cau Brualla, photographer.
Serge Blanc, photographer.
Gilberto Modonesi, photographer.
Brigitte Goede, photographer.
Daniel Malnati, photographer.
Massimo Moreni, photographer ().
Daniel Berrube, photographer.
Manna Nader, Gabana Studios Cairo, photographer (Flickr ).
Valerie Turmel, photographer.
Paul van Pelt, photographer.
Gonny Olie-Wissink, photographer.
Richard Sellicks, photographer.
Danielle Oizan-Chapon, photographer.
Yvette Collin, photographer.
Marie Grillot, photographer.
Regine and Thierry Tastu, photographers.
Hans Groesz, photographer.
Petra Lether, photographer.
Sophie Dreyfus, graphic designer.
Philippe Lhospitalier.

… I would ask those who I may have accidentally forgotten to forgive me.

In May 2017, a new 2.0 version of the Osirisnet website has been put on-line. Among the many features of this major update are a new design with a simplified interface, and the site is now compatible with mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, whether operating under Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android. There were major technical changes that had to be made for this upgrade. Fortunately these were able to be achieved thanks to the expertise of computer engineer Jean-Pierre Moularde.

To all the professionnal Egyptologists who have helped, or demonstrated their encouragement and support for this work, I wish to express here to them my respect and gratitude.