The temple is the most distant monument from the main surrounding wall of Elkab, since it is at a distance of about 3.4km.
It represents in fact a respository chapel for the barque which served at the time of the processions of the goddess Nekhbet. It was co dedicated to Nekhbet and Hathor.
Two sovereigns are represented there: Amenhotep III and his father Thutmosis IV. This monument had been constructed therefore either entirely by Amenhotep III at the beginning of his reign, or started by Thutmosis IV and finished by his son.
It benefitted from a careful creation, the interior decor being achieved with great care, in raised relief, decorated with paintings which are in the main preserved with their freshness.
Of almost a square shape, the roof is supported by four columns with Hathoric capitols.
In front of the entry to the temple existed a small hypostyle room with four columns.

Here is the temple, with the location of the photos.
Photographs by Raymond Betz