The purpose of this photographic study is to cover as thoroughly as possible the so called chapels of Osiris in the temple of Sethy I ( ).

Les chapelles dites d'Osiris

The seven chapels opening in the second hypostyle hall where dedicated, from South (Ga) to North (Gg) to Sethy deified (Ga) ; Ptah (Gb) ; Re-Horakhty (Gc) ; Amun (Gd) ; Osiris (Ge) ; Isis (Gf) and Horus (Gg). All but that of Osiris contain false doors. The chapel of Osiris has a real door, leading to a suite of rooms (H series) dedicated to him.
H is a large pillared hall (two rows of columns) with three chapels opening on its North wall. Ha is dedicated to Isis, Hb to Osiris and Hc to Horus.
On the South wall, a door is leading to another small pillared hall (Hd) with three chapels; all this part is very destroyed and has lost its reliefs.
The In series are small chapels that I have never seen photographed anywhere.